Protecting your Pianos

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At Taxi Vans Cardiff, we pride ourselves in how we look after your property.

We have specialist ‘sleeping bag’ covers for armchairs, sofas, pianos and mattresses, which ensure your property gets to it’s destination in exactly the same condition as it did at the start.

Pictured above is a piano, all wrapped up securely on one of our specialist trolleys.

Stress Free Moving

If buying a house is one of the most stressful things that you can do, then surely packing comes in a close second.

While moving home can be one of the most exciting times of your life, it also requires a large commitment of time and energy.

Caucasian woman unpacking boxes in new home

According to the experts, the key to a successful move is in the preparation. Rather than the day itself.

If that sounds horribly time-consuming, remember how awful it was last time you moved – and you didn’t do this?

The first step is to evaluate what you’re going to pack.

At Taxi Vans Cardiff we’ve definitely seen it all when it comes to dodgy packing practices.

“Plan what materials you’ll need for the move. You don’t want to start packing up and find you don’t have moving boxes, packing tape, sheets to cover items and protective padding, such as bubble wrap and polystyrene,” says Nicky.

“It’s much easier to go on a supply run prior to beginning the job.”

You’ll also want to work out the best way to store your items during the move.

“One of the most effective ways to cut stress is to invest in some clever storage that can sort your most treasured items from the everyday objects so everything is easy to identify without having to sort through lots of muddled boxes in your new home”.

He also suggests opting for sturdy crates over cardboard boxes, which flat pack and store them away easily. As well as using under-bed and vacuum storage for clothes and shoes to save on van space during the actual move.

“If your new home doesn’t have much extra store space, then you just leave them there for the time being,” he points out.

After you’ve purchased supplies, it’s time for a thorough spring clean. This is great time for a proper declutter and a fresh start.

“Make sure that your dining room table, sofas and any other furniture is spotless and sparkling as, although you’ll probably want to clean the new place upon arriving, you don’t want to transport dust and dirt from your old home to the new one”.

Feel tired already? Don’t be. Follow our tips and it’ll be plain sailing!

Mirror, mirror….

There are many tips for packing when getting ready for a move. Sometimes certain household items are helpful and sometimes it is best to spend some money to save money on potential damage later on. One of the more difficult items to pack is a mirror. Not only are they delicate but if it breaks there is always that seven year bad luck superstition hanging over one’s head.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 19.30.02

1. X Marks the Spot
The very first step is to take some masking tape and put several pieces in an X shape across the front of the mirror. This will protect it from shattering if dropped and could help protect the frame if, unfortunately, you may have to replace the mirrored glass.

2. Mind Your Corners
If the mirror does not have an ornate frame and simply has four ninety degree corners it is best to cut cardboard to fit those corners or purchase corner protectors at a frame shop or local mover.

3. Wrap It Wise
First, cut two pieces of cardboard to fit about a half an inch over the front and back of the mirror. Find old towels or sheets and gently wrap the mirror and the cardboard in them. Secure the linens with a wrap around of packing tape. Bubble wrap can do the same job and can be found at Staples, your local post office or a local mover’s storefront.

4. Styrofoam
Styrofoam is great for packing mirrors. After the initial steps above cutting two pieces of Styrofoam equal to the prior cut cardboard and securing them around the linens or bubble wrap with tape creates an excellent buffer.

5. Purchase Your Packing
There are many excellent materials for purchase when packing a mirror. Although they are usually much more expensive than improvised home use items, they often work just as well if not better. As mentioned above, bubble wrap and Styrofoam are good buys. However, a telescoping box is made solely for use when moving a mirror. This item will custom fit any size mirror by opening to the exact width and/or height of the item. Polyethylene foam is an ingenious way to place your mirror in a perfectly fitting space. This foam moulds to the mirror on both sides and practically guarantees a safe move.

6. Label
In the throes of a hectic move most folks forget to label properly due to exhaustion, time constraints or just plain forgetfulness. This can cause the end of a move to be even more exhausting. Make sure the mirror is labeled “FRAGILE”, “GLASS”, “MIRROR” or all three. Label on all sides including the edges as this will make it easy to identify during packing, stacking and removing inside a truck. Including the location of the mirror labeled on the box is helpful as well.

7. Do Not Lie Down
Lying your mirror down when packing into a truck, garage or attic is a sure way to have it break. A mirror cannot take any pressure and should always be placed on its side with nothing stacked on top. Also be careful not to jam too many items on either side as this can also act as if the mirror were lying down and cause damage.

Plastic Crates

Helpful Moving Advice: Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic box.

This includes things like a box cutter, paper towels, bin bags, eating utensils, select cookware, power extentions, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc. The clear box allows you to see inside; it also separates itself from the myriad of cardboard boxes.enhanced-buzz-29718-1368562626-22

Leave us some space!

Please arrange parking for the removal lorry or van on the date of your move. If there are parking restrictions at your present or your new address, contact your Local Council to suspend the restriction outside your property for the removal.



Let any neighbours who may be affected know that there will be a van parked outside your property, possibly for a few hours. If parking outside your house is limited, it can be a good idea to park your own car or cars outside the night before, so that our removal vehicle will be able to park in their place on moving day.

Remember that the average removal van is quite big, and we will need room to manoeuvre into position, ideally with the back doors of the lorry as near to your front door as possible.

Things to do before you leave your old house

There is a lot to think about when you are moving house, but there are few things you need to ensure before you finally leave your old property on moving day.

time management

Gas and Electricity.

You should ensure that you have read your utility meters before leaving. You should also have made the appropriate arrangements with the utility and telephone companies for transfer of your services.

Essential Items.

Keep all your essential items together in a suitable box for the day of the move. These will include things like your credit cards, keys, wallets and mobile phones.


If anyone in the household requires regular medication or items such as asthma inhalers ensure that these are kept safely aside. Remember that you may be working in dusty conditions.

Your Old House

Should your old house be getting left empty for a period ensure that everything is turned off and that you pass the keys on to the estate agent.

Scheduled Deliveries

Remember to cancel your milk, newspapers and any other items that are delivered to your old house.

Television Supply

Should you subscribe to any satellite or cable television services arrangements will have to be made to get this transferred.

Labelling your Cabling

It doesn’t take take long at all, to pull out the cables from your big screen TV, unplug the DVD player, and rip out the games console, when you are moving home….just a few seconds actually!

However,  the problem for many people is that when it comes to plugging everything back together, it often isn’t as straight forward as they’d imagined!


There are so many sockets on the back of many modern day appliances, so its a good idea to label all of the cables, or even draw a diagram of where the cables and leads go.  One good idea is to get some coloured stickers. Stick a coloured dot on a cable, and another matching one on the back of the appliance next to the socket it goes in. Better yet, take a picture of the back of the television or appliance, so you can see exactly where everything goes.

Coloured Dots

Take the stress and hassle out of moving, and getting your new house back in order, with another helpful hint from Taxi Vans Cardiff.

New House?

If you are thinking of making a fresh start this 2016, there is no better way than moving house!


Last year, moving house was one of the top ten popular New Year resolutions (according to The Independent), so here are our top tips to making your move easier:

If you are selling a home prior to buying a new house, you need to de-clutter to show your house to it’s full potential and make it sell quicker. The best way to de-clutter is to get 4 different bags or boxes and then do the following:

  • In the first, place all the items you know you would like to keep but the house would look tidier if they were out the way
  • In the next, pack all the items you are ensure about. If using a box, tape up securely and label and then place in to storage – if you do not need any of these items after a year, you never needed them!
  • In the third, put all the items you no longer need but could give to charity (or sell online).
  • The last bag or box is for everything that you are happy to throw away (but please try and see if these could be recycled or re-used first).

Register with Estate Agents
. The first few months of the new year is usually quite a quiet period for estate agents, whilst they might have less property on their books they will have more time to act on your behalf. So register with lots of estate agents in the locality that you are searching in, and talk to them often not every new property makes it to the Internet.

Decide on a Moving Date
Once you have a house to move to, decide on a realistic moving date and stick to it! You can then co-ordinate your whole move around this date – it will help keep the legal side of things on track too.

Finally, give us a call, and we’ll get you all sorted out!

Save up to 50% off the cost of your house move. At Taxi Vans Cardiff we specialise in flat, Apartment Full House Removals, and Local & Nationwide.