Taxi Vans Cardiff Top Ten Tips for Moving Home!

1.Keep that parking spot free for the removal van. 
The best way to do this is park your car or cars out side your front door (or as close to the house as you can).  If you don’t have a car you can put cones or recycling bins out with a polite notice asking people not to park as you are moving.

2. Keep the Boxes Light.
It’s all very good getting as much as you can in one box, but if its too heavy then it’s likely that the bottom of the box will fall out, or we will struggle to pick it up. A good guide is to put some heavy things in the bottom then fill the top with light things.

3. Don’t Waste your Money on Coat Hanger Boxes.
Simply make a small hole in the bottom of a clean bin bag, then place the hole over 5 or 6 coat hanger hooks and you have got your own ( dry cleaning bags) leave these in the cupboard and we have a rack in the van to hang your clothes up!

4. Keep Us Informed.
With so many people in a house chain, it’s very likely that you will have a completion date, but it’s likely to change, so keep us informed. That way, we’ll be able to do our best to accommodate you with any last minute changes.

5. Labels and Colours.
Unpacking a van full of unlabelled boxes and trying to remember what is in each box is a pain in the bum! The solution is to write exactly what’s in each box and colour each room. For example, Kitchen – Red, Bedroom 1 – Blue. That way you can label each room in the new house with a colour and everything with a red label goes into that room.

6. Prepare a Moving Day Kit.
Prepare a box or a container with all items and supplies you are likely to need during your moving day. Cleaning supplies, light bulbs and toilet paper a few mugs and a kettle and some snacks are just some of the essentials you need to have included in your moving day kit.

7. Throw Away Old and Unnecessary Items.
Moving to a new home is a great way to get rid of all your old and unnecessary items that take up plenty of space in your house. If you really don’t feel like throwing these away, you could always consider donating them to a charity shop.

8. Start Packing as Soon as you Can.
Even if you pack the things you never use 4 weeks before you move, packing takes a lot longer than you think, and when you start pulling things out of the attic, under the stairs, you will have a lot more than you anticipate.

9. Put Off By Packing?
If the thought of all the packing puts you off, Taxi Vans Cardiff offer a packing service, to help you out!

10. Get the Right Packing Materials.
Buy your packing materials off us. We supply the correct boxes, as many simply fall apart, and they will be much cheaper than if you’d bought them from a store!

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