We are Professionals in Piano Removals and other such Items.


Piano Removals are something we specialise in. You might have other such items like a grandfather clock, all of which we are fully equipped to deal with. At Taxi Vans Cardiff we have specialist piano removal trolleys, and the vans all have tail lifts and racking systems to safely secure your valuable items during transit.

Piano Removals
Piano Removals

At Taxi Vans Cardiff we even have specialist piano removal trolleys. On the van the items are covered and strapped in properly for protection.

Get us involved!

If you’re thinking of moving a piano yourself – think again! It’s just far too dangerous to attempt to move a piano, even with helpful friends. Hire a professional piano removal firm is my advice.

A young woman asked her father to help her move a piano from one place to another in her house. Her father got a couple of his friends to come along and they brought a dolly.

While they were lifting the piano – a full-size vertical — it tipped back too far and got away from them. While it was falling, its upper corner dug down through the wall.Attempting to move a piano by yourself may easily result in a costly trip to the doctor for both you and your piano. Don’t take chances.

If you have a specialist item like a piano, or any other item you are really concerned about having moved, then please get in touch with us, as we will be able to put your mind to ease.

grandfather clock removal
Grandfather Clock Removals


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